clear braces

At Samuelson Orthodontics, we let you decide what type of braces would suit you best.  Ceramic (clear) braces are made of a translucent ceramic material which blends with your teeth and will resist staining and discoloration throughout your treatment. With the newer small, low-profile design of our Ceramic Braces, they are virtually unnoticeable, making them perfect for patients of any age who are looking for the confidence and freedom to smile on any occasion. Ceramic braces continue to be esthetic and more versatile than ever before. Colored “elastic” ties can still be used on ceramic braces to give a vibrant showing of color or Clear “elastic” ties can also be used when the patient prefers the braces to be less noticeable. 

  • A revolutionary leap forward in orthodontic ceramic brackets.
  • Predictable, Consistent Debonding with Proprietary Stress Concentrator.
  • The performance you trust from Clarity™ Brackets. The innovation you expect from 3M.
  • These ultra-small translucent brackets are made of an innovative, ceramic material which gives an attractive appearance.
  • Clarity ADVANCED Ceramic Brackets offer trusted strength in a small size and lowest profiles in the industry.
  • Offer ample under tie-wing space, allowing for flexible treatment and ligation options.
  • Remarkably small bracket also minimizes soft tissue contact and showcases an attractive look that can turn the most self-conscious, tight-lipped patient into someone beaming with pride.
  • The brackets no longer require a metal slot liner, reducing metal waste during production and at the end of treatment.
  • They are designed to blend with one’s natural tooth color, and they will resist staining and discoloration over the course of the patient’s treatment.